Friday, March 20, 2009

The Worst Part's Almost Over

I know... it's been a minute. So I'm living in Hollywood with Sarah Morrison and Weetzie Bat. We have a super cute house that I've been decorating/fixing for the past month and we both have blogging jobs. I'll share more details when it launches of course. But I'm about to go into a new mode up in here, because I'm bored talking about the now and wish to write about the past/future I guess? So I thought I'd put it in real time first and introduce you to my new life...through pictures I took with my awesome new camera! I've been working on my ellipses usage lately, but I'm afraid it's not working out. :( It's nearly 7 o'clock in Los Angeles and the sun's still out. Weetzie is sitting next to me, cleaning her face with her paws. Sarah is at the end of our couch, blogging and sporadically commenting. I painted our living room mustard yellow because it's my new second favorite color...after moss green of course. So we've got the all important Pee Wee Herman shelf complete with Annie commemorative plates and mustache smorking labbit. I've got three antlered wall-mounted creatures so far...this one's from Show in Los Feliz...but it lived with me in Brooklyn before returning to where it belongs, with me, back in California! I found this super random Ronald Reagan portrait (it's made up of a speach he made-the words are the lines in the print) and I painted the background mustard. OMG. You're so bored already...I guess I could have just posted pictures but I already uploaded them all small and now there's all this white space between the pictures and it feels really necessary! Ack! So, um, below we have an Ikea rug and chair, but I got the chair at Goodwill used. I made the log pillow with a log pillow kit from ReForm School in Los Feliz or is it Silverlake? I don't really know where I am half the time. Sometimes, when I've run out of errands to run, I start driving one way down a street and see where it takes me. Usually, it's into a mountain over here. I guess I live in some kind of valley? But not the valley? I spent weeks scouring craigslist for mid century modern furniture and Eames era everything. Then I scoured for vintage wallpaper for the kitchen and ended up with this brown on cream bicycle pattern! It ended up only being enough for one wall, but it's pretty cute. I think. I've been having some frustrating days where I don't leave the house and stress about not making enough money to support myself...but then I have awesome days where I wake up, look up at the warm blue sky and bristling palm trees and feel pretty excited to be in California. It's pretty amazing being two hours from Mexico, thirty minutes from the beach, and less than a days drive from Portland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Santa Fe. My mom's been writing me long emails telling me that she's worried about my current lifestyle (i.e. not leaving the house) might keep me from meeting my future husband. Meanwhile, I have no desire to be in another relationship right now. I'm in no rush to get married until I am in a place where I can be really proud of myself...not to mention I'm still emotionally bruised from my last venture to that place. Can't a girl catch a breather? I don't really want to get hooked into anything I'm not 100% excited about...which I have a tendency to do. It's much easier right now and be selfish in my new city with my new house! Yesterday, Sarah and I went hiking in Griffith Park and then drove to Santa Monica where we went shopping (with gift certificates) for a couple hours and then went to some awful Senior Frogs-esque joint full of guys that looked like un-stretched Stretch Armstrong dolls. But the place wasn't that awful because we were both exhausted and satisfied and 2-for-1 Watermelon margaritas are delicious. I hate to say it, but I feel optimistic. Sure, there's not much going right right now, but at least it's not going right somewhere where the sun can hit my shoulders and the stars can find me. Maybe my days of indulging in my own unhappiness are over. Maybe they're just going to be a different flavor.