Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stuff Boys Like

A lot of guys don't admit to reading blogs. They probably like to pretend they read the news and ultimate fighting recaps or something. But judging from the blogs directed at the male audience, there are several things guys in general are into... in general: phones, side boob, Home Depot, and fight clubs.

Go Go Gadget. You know how girls dress well to impress other women? Well that's how men are about phones. Having the newest model of a phone is like the boy equivalent of having a Chanel suit...except instead of being timeless, there will be a new model every six or so months. Boy gadget blogs are like phone catalogs where every phone is a precious work of art, described in great detail, and anxiously awaiting its unveiling. Boy Genius Report If guys treated their women like they treat their phones, we would be very much appreciated...oh wait but then there'd be another model to covet every six months. Crap.

The Other Boob. According to our trend watch, cleavage is totally passe, anyone who is anything is rocking side boob. For some reason guys are obsessed to the point of shunning whole boob in favor of just side boob. Maybe it goes back to that vixen/virgin conundrum and side boob comes off as more innocent or accidental than a contrived push-up bra? Or because side boob is generally the product of a bra-less breast? I can't believe there's a website devoted to the topic, what's next underboob? Oh wait...that's apparently a thing too. WTF.

Home Improvement. No matter how pansy-ass your man is, chances are he likes to pretend or succeed in building stuff. Men take great pride in their handyman skillz. This is why it pays to push a cart around your local Home Depot in heels and a hoodie. This College Humor girl knows what's up, "Favorite Smell: The lumber section at Home Depot---nothing like fresh cut wood." CollegeHumor You know hearing that makes boys want to build you a loft with their bare all sweaty and covered in sawdust, you guys can cuddle and stuff. Er...I mean do it.

Fight Clubbed. It's no secret that every guy loves the movie Fight Club. It unleashed every aggressive unrequited inkling in boys across the country. Even if a guy isn't actually tough, he's like to think that he could take another guy in a fight. They probably size each other up in the same way girls do when they're hitting on the same guy. Can I take this guy? Hell yeah, I'm scrappy son. That's how guys talk in their head. Even if a guy knows he's going down, he'll fight because losing is still cooler than just watching a fight. Gavin McInnes who founded Vice Magazine went ahead and got his butt kicked to prove this point. StreetBonersandTVCarnage I'm not sure what to compare fighting with in girl world, maybe starting an excellent debilitating rumor or finding nice clothes on sale? I don't really get girls. Any suggestions?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Be Good or Be Gone

Cherry blossoms are blooming outside. My roommate's run away. Where should I go? I'm thinking Portland? Los Angeles is brilliant. It's beautiful and sunny and growing. I haven't done much with myself since moving here though. Sarah and I had an epic yardsale and the Hearts Challenger ice cream truck and the Tamale Guy came and there were lots of super attractive people I didn't know there. Then Sarah and I met this guy Matt who took us to Vegas for a weekend and fed us lots of Cheesecake Factory. It was awesome. My best friends Saskia and Demetra both visited me already so I got to explore the city with them a bit. I don't really know what to do with myself these days...I'm looking at classes now to keep me busy and might (shudder) apply for an internship to get some entertainment industry experience and have a reason to leave the house more than once a week. I don't feel actually depressed yet though...I feel pretty good-ish actually. It's probably the sun. Or the pretty boys I'm not dating. Or maybe it's just knowing that I got out of New York alive.

Habana Outpost Coming West Coast

My new friend, eco-restaurateur Sean Meenan is as earnest as they come, which is maybe a surprising description for a former Heavyweight Boxing Champ. 40-year-old Sean keeps himself busy, he was the original investor for, the DIY shopping community and Positively Green, the new women's environmental magazine. Meenan also started the awesome nonprofit Habana Works, Inc which hosts monthly workshops on sustainable energy and allows aspiring environmental architects to create environmentally-minded architectural projects that are incorporated into Sean's restaurant Habana Outpost.

Manhattan's Cafe Habana and Habana To Go, and the corresponding eco-eatery, Habana Outpost in Brooklyn were inspired by owner Sean Meenan not just as restaurants, but as chill neighborhood meeting spots that happen to provide social consciousness. The dining experience at Habana Outpost has a totally festive family barbecue feeling...if your family had magically became eco-conscious, Mexican/Cuban, and unabashedly hip. This summer, we're psyched to announce that a Habana Outpost will be sprouting in Venice and negotiations are underway for a Cafe Habana in Malibu's trendy Lumber Yard shopping center.

The festive outdoor venue, Habana Outpost, runs on (and supplies part of the neighborhood with) solar energy from the roof's solar panels. The plant-dappled rainforest-y restrooms use recycled rainwater to flush the toilets. And all the utensils, cups, and plates are compost-able (and shock of all shocks, actually composted) and made from sugarcane, corn, or potato starch. There's even a stationary bike-powered blender to blend your own smoothies (or pay an extra dollar to have the staff pedal), but working up a thirst makes it way more delicious!

Famous for their frozen mojitos and Mexican grilled corn with chili, lime, and cojita cheese, Habana also offers a full menu highlighted by the the catfish burrito, cuban sandwich with roast pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickles, and chipotle mayo, and cactus salad with a delicious melange of radishes, tomatoes, queso fresco, and cilantro in a spicy lemon dressing. If the food guilt from eating three dinners is killing you, just hop back on the blender bike and think about all the eco-friendly things you did today!