Thursday, January 22, 2009

California Dreaming: The TV Show

It's been a couple weeks...relatively boring weeks. I went to Minnesota with my mom and while wandering around the Mall of America, I got a call. I got a call about a job. I got a call about an awesome job that I started last week! It's a blogging job for a site that doesn't officially launch until the end of February, but we're perfecting it now and it's gonna be totally awesome and for the first time in awhile, I feel good about my writing! I get to write about random news and I learn things every day. Nothing I've written in the past really had any affect on anything and now I feel like I can talk about things that interest me in my own voice without dumbing anything down! Super excited! Now I just need a part time job in LA and I'll be up in the mornings scanning the world for weird things to write about. Then I'm gonna lay around on the beach and make Erika and Sarah Mo come with me. Other awesome things happening, I blogged about Gilt Groupe on Missbehave, it's this super awesome sample sale site (they're having a HUGE sale right now...I bought a shirt and a dress for $50), anyway, whenever someone you invited buys something, you get $25 and apparently 169 people signed up from my link! So yeah, I bought presents for Erika and Sarah and me! I'm getting in my car next Friday, visiting my buddies in Vegas and then moving to Los Angeles officially (and finally). There'll be new drama, new friends, a new home, and lots of awesome new boys to makeout with (hopefully). In other fun news, I found this website called Iron Hymen today that's hil-arious. The road ahead is looking pretty awesome...I have no idea how I'm so excited right now but I'm gonna roll with it! Love you, mean it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hip Teens Don't Wear Blue Jeans

In preparation for my move to LA, where I'll be living (at least at first...if not FOREVER) with Sarah Morrison and my new friend Erika Paget (woohoo!), I've been planning a wardrobe and beauty makeover! It is imperative that I plan who I want to be and what my shoes, impending homelessness, job, and hair color will say about me. I bought some LUSH bright red henna...cause my usually strawberry blonde is starting to look strawberry It looks like a giant green block of chocolate...but I guess once I melt it down I'll be on my way to Jessica Rabbit locks in no time? My mom and I bought a CHANEL suit to share (I get the skirt and belt!!! Mom gets the jacket...terribly on sale of course), I'm not sure how I managed this...I think my mom saw the sparkle in my eye when I asked her to take my picture in it. I got some great pencil skirts at J.Crew and may I say, they've REALLY upped their style, they must have gotten all new designers! I've also had my eyes on these Moscot nerd frames...Lesley Arfin and Brooke have some like them and I'm way jealous. Too bad my eyes are damn near perfect. Maybe I'll spend more time reading in the dark? I have no idea what I'll be doing. I'm going to send applications out to various magazines in LA (Flaunt, Mean Magazine) and to some Talent Agencies, TV/Film Production companies...but I really don't want to have to start at the bottom again after three years in magazines! Jesus...three years. I've been throwing around all sorts of other ideas...Sarah Mo and I need a reality tv show, we could write a roadtrip book, or a tell-all magazine book, or what it's like to live in a trailer, or we can both work at Cinespace. OOOORRR, I could open a hunting lodge-themed bar (where I would serve awesome bar food like homemade beef jerkey, soups, and homemade goat cheeses) or (as my dad wishes) a bakery/catering company...but the last two require tricking someone into giving me large amounts of money and perhaps figuring out whether LA is the right place for me to settle down for a spell. I'm terrified, excited, and terrified again! Any words of advice? Career advice? LA advice? Fashion/beauty advice? Should I just jump in and see what happens and stop stressing? Please say it's that one...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Like I mentioned yesterday, I saw my ex best friend Hester this week. I blogged about her on Missbehave about seven months ago, so it's been about two and a half years since we'd shared a single word. We met in health class sophomore year of high school...she was the converse and leopard-sporting punk rock girl and I was the converse and plaid-sporting new girl I guess? I think we bonded when the health teacher asked us what we ate all week and I brought in an empty bag of frozen corn (my parents were out of town). Then we shared one of those crying plastic babies for those early parenting classes. Everyday, one of us spent the evening sewing intricate outfits and it was also the only doll with zero minutes of crying (since everyone else threw them in their lockers)! So, fast forward seven years and we're finally decorating our dreamhouse apartment in Bushwickw after moving in together when I graduated from college. I painted. She went out. I worked a couple jobs. She took some classes. I went a little nuts and couldn't hack living with her cause she's always a little nuts and the crazy had built on itself until I couldn't support it and I guess she didn't know it was there. I moved across the street with our mutual best friend Demetra. So we hadn't talked in forever and I lived in fear that we'd run into each other. I had nightmares. I ran out of Beacon's Closet when I saw she was at work. Anyways, she called me last week and we sat down for drinks. My palms were sweating, I half expected her to come in and throw my drink in my face and leave. We talked it out. Two drinks later, we were buddies again and I'm more relieved than I ever imagined I would be. We went thrift store shopping, we went over two years worth of stories of boys, jobs, friends, favorite things, etc. and realized we hadn't swayed so far from each other but have grown into little women. Demetra's gonna kill me for being a traitor, but it's a huge relief not feeling like I have to hide from someone who was once my best friend. Now we're working on a movie. Well...we got drunk and devised a plan to make a movie involving mustaches, godzilla, heroes and heroines. Should it come together, like so few of our outlandish plans, I will make it know, by winning an oscar and being hailed as the next/better whatsherfacewhowroteJuno! Yay! Naranja Julius for everyone!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I don't feel any different: This is not a love song

The new year. It's common for people to make outlandish promises to themselves with no intentions of following through. I never bother because I want the same things every year and I know perfectly well that they would happen if I put forth any effort. This year, I want to get a fantastic job , eat more vegetables, try new things, live without fear of failing, and make fun friends in LA. I read my astrologyzone today, which had a hopeful view of the next two months! Except I know a bunch of virgos and there's no way we're all gonna be happy. I'm in Minnesota at Mayo Clinic with my mom, she's asleep under the polyester bed-spread next to me, snoring lightly. I'm supposed to be taking care of her but have been stricken with a sore-throat and case of new year-paranoia. I'll be up at 6:30am to hit the hospital.