Thursday, January 22, 2009

California Dreaming: The TV Show

It's been a couple weeks...relatively boring weeks. I went to Minnesota with my mom and while wandering around the Mall of America, I got a call. I got a call about a job. I got a call about an awesome job that I started last week! It's a blogging job for a site that doesn't officially launch until the end of February, but we're perfecting it now and it's gonna be totally awesome and for the first time in awhile, I feel good about my writing! I get to write about random news and I learn things every day. Nothing I've written in the past really had any affect on anything and now I feel like I can talk about things that interest me in my own voice without dumbing anything down! Super excited! Now I just need a part time job in LA and I'll be up in the mornings scanning the world for weird things to write about. Then I'm gonna lay around on the beach and make Erika and Sarah Mo come with me. Other awesome things happening, I blogged about Gilt Groupe on Missbehave, it's this super awesome sample sale site (they're having a HUGE sale right now...I bought a shirt and a dress for $50), anyway, whenever someone you invited buys something, you get $25 and apparently 169 people signed up from my link! So yeah, I bought presents for Erika and Sarah and me! I'm getting in my car next Friday, visiting my buddies in Vegas and then moving to Los Angeles officially (and finally). There'll be new drama, new friends, a new home, and lots of awesome new boys to makeout with (hopefully). In other fun news, I found this website called Iron Hymen today that's hil-arious. The road ahead is looking pretty awesome...I have no idea how I'm so excited right now but I'm gonna roll with it! Love you, mean it!


  1. Awww you got me a present? I'm gonna cry, that's so sweet! When you arrive, we're going to go celebrate! I don't know how...yet, but the words "strip club" and "tacos" and "doughnuts" come to mind! Sarah isn't here yet and I'm not sure when she will be so you might beat her here. I guess that means I have to get my ass in gear and put this air mattress in my room and buy a couch for the living room.

    I hope everything works out for your mom! You're a really sweet daughter for sticking by her and putting things on hold.

    And I'll finally have someone here to watch the BBC with and cook with! Yaaaayyy!

  2. dear olivia,

    this is really really creepy, i think. sorry. but basically you are like the coolest person in the world. i am in la all by myself right now and i'm really scared and sad and lonely espesh since its valentines day. anyways, maybe if you're free sometime, i have free room service at my hotel, plus minibar. so yeah. basically it would be like my life's dream to meet you. and i'm kind of desperate for company. also i am obviously a loser now that i read this.
    sorry i am the creepiest person in the world!
    <3, angelica